The issue with New Business is not one of Sales, it is the issue of the consistent flow and level of opportunities to sell
The issue with New Business is not one of Sales,it is the issue of the consistent flow and level of opportunities to sell

              New Named Account Acquisition Service

           Lead Generation & Business Development for B2B companies.

The issue with New Business is not one of Sales,it is the issue of the consistent flow and level of opportunities to sell

Qualify - Does this fit for your business?

The two main areas of concern in terms of new customer acquisition are the acquisition of opportunity and the closing/winning of opportunity. If it is the latter, then this process is not for you. However if you recognise that you require more opportunities to sell, then read on.. In some cases both are an issue or an area for further development.


If you are thinking about engaging for the acquisition of new named accounts, here are a few early stage qualifiers that will help you before taking the next step.


  1. This is a B2B service only.
  2. This is not a telesales service.
  3. The bigger the ticket value the better the fit. 4 to 7+ figure deal size.
  4. This is not an inbound marketing process.
  5. Works for both Direct and Channel.


The process is a framework workflow that is tailored to fit your business based on your buyer profile. This is discussed, agreed and mapped out in advance of engaging the agreed target market.

How it Works

The process employed creates opportunity where other options are less likely in that:


  1. Telesales is an immediate and non-nurturing approach.
  2. Sales Executives are busy with multiple tasks, clients, closing and much more to really have the time and focus to gain the same traction.
  3. Marketing tends to focus on the inbound approach, which is a good approach, but does not reach and engage everyone and this is our sweet spot focus.
  4. It is a systematic, consistent workflow process that is able to engage every day in the acquisition of new named accounts.
  5. It is a combination of Hunting and Business Development skills that utilises a number of processes and tools to maximise deal opportunity output.

How you can deploy

  1. For a Micro/SME Business you can engage the training process and begin delivering opportunity.
  2. For larger organisations a team member(s) can be trained to run the process to deliver opportunity
  3. The process is also ideal for existing sales teams that would benefit from a system that delivers opportunity by dedicating just a few hours a week.
  4. No previous sales experience or market knowledge is required to deliver. You can hire or re-purpose a team member part or full time to create a stream of new business opportunity.
  5. For those that wish to outsource this process, we can do this for you.



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