The issue with New Business is not one of Sales, it is the issue of the consistent flow and level of opportunities to sell
The issue with New Business is not one of Sales,it is the issue of the consistent flow and level of opportunities to sell

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Do you have a bottleneck in engagement in your M&A processes?

1. Not enough targets for your sales mandate.

2. Not enough engagement leading to a low level of teaser requests leading to low level CIM/NDA/LOI

3. Teasers going out but creating a bottleneck as they fail to progress to NDA/CIM.

4. Not enough New buy and Sale mandate prospects creating a boom and bust revenue cycle.

5. Not enough bandwidth/resources within the team.

Finding buyers & sellers, engaging buyers & sellers.

1. Delivering new sale mandate prospects.

2. Delivering interested parties when a sale mandate is taken to market.

3. Buy side research and engagement.

4. Sell side research and engagement.

How we can help

1. On a per project short term engagement.

2. Training a member(s) of your team.

3. A longer term engagement for the ongoing development of new mandates.


We provide M&A back office support and sales lead generation to:

  • M&A Brokers
  • VC/Investors
  • Accountants
  • Software/Cloud
  • Service Companies
  • M&A Dept's requiring additional bandwidth & experience.




As an Outsourced Service Provider, we take the pressure of finding qualified targets, from your day to day workload, leaving you free to focus on your pipeline of quality leads.
We work with you initially to fully understand your M&A criteria, we then build a ground up, fresh prospect list, engage with them and pass to you only the qualified leads.




Research: Using your agreed criteria we build a personal, bespoke Prospect list.
Engage: From the information gained during research, we set about actively engaging with the key M&A decision makers within the Prospect list.
Deliver: We then feedback to you, only those qualified, interested parties, seamlessly integrated into your Sales Process.



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